How to Choose the Right Dog Crate

Dog crates are indispensable for most dog owners. It is very convenient to be able to secure your dog in a confined space at night, when riding in the car or wherever you go. Dogs enjoy the security and comfort of a dog crate once they become accustomed to them. If you are shopping for a dog crate, there are many choices to make. The size, brand, and design are all important considerations when choosing a perfect one for your pet. The most common crates are made of simple plastic shell with a metal grated door. There are also soft dog crates made from fabric on a lightweight metal frame. For many dog owners, soft dog crates offer great benefits over the others. Below are some reasons why you should get a soft dog crate. See dog crate

Cost varies widely between different dog crates. The cheapest soft dog crates will be just sides and a zipper, while the expensive ones have extra features like locking mechanisms, reinforced seams, rubberized feet, and loops for ground stakes, side pockets and others. Depending on your budget, you may choose to get these extra features. More PawCastle

But, even the most expensive soft crates will get damaged if its resident chooses to destroy it. Unlike hard plastic or metal crates, soft dog creates are not appropriate for vigorous chewers or dogs who are not kennel-trained and may try to escape. If the dog is distressed, he can tear through the mesh, rip out the seams, and break zippers. Even the smallest puppy who chews on his home can make short work of the fabric. So, although soft dog cranes are ideal, they are meant only for trained dogs that are already comfortable in it.

Although soft dog crates are not durable, they are very convenient. Large metal crates are heavy and even plastic ones are awkward to move. The fabric on frame design of soft dog creates make them light, easy to life, and easy to store or transport. This makes them popular among those that have limited space in their home or car and do not use them on a daily basis. This is also good for dog owners who are elderly or disabled or anyone who has difficulty lifting heavy objects.

When it comes to cleaning, metal or plastic dog crates must be hand-washed. Some have removable dog pans which must be scrubbed clean. A residual scent left by dog waste may encourage the dog to resoil the crate. Soft dog creates can typically be disassembled and machine washes. This is more convenient than hand-washing but also keep in mind that the fabric is more likely to stain as a result of dog waste than plastic or metal.

Aesthetics is also the reason that one would prefer soft dog creates. The others have either an institutional look or lack in style. Most soft dog crates are designed as one would design a trendy backpack.